Airway 2018

Thoracic Airway (TA)
  • Double lumen tubes (DLTs)
  • Univent & Bronchial blockers
  • Pediatric lung isolation etc
Airway for Oral-maxillofacial surgeries and Trauma (OMFT)
  • Nasal intubation (Laryngoscope/ Videoendoscope/ Flexible Videoendoscope guided and Blind)
  • Retromolar Intubation
  • SADs and Extubation in OMFT Airway
  • Surgical access etc

Ultrasound for airway management (USG)
  • Use of USG in Assessment
  • Use of USG in Intubation
  • Use of USG in Extubation
  • Use of USG in Critical care etc
Airway in ICU and Critical Care (CRTCL)
  • PCT (With and Without fiberscope guidance)
  • High flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) in ICU
  • Rapid and Delayed Sequence Intubation (RSI /DSI)
  • Videoendoscopy beyond carina etc.

February 10-11, 2018

Hotel Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi

PROGRAM (Specialty Workshops)

Day-1, Saturday, February 10, 2018

  • Registration : 8:00-8.30am
  • Specialty Workshops : 8.30am-6:00pm
Time Workshop Name Faculty Chair
8:30-12:45pm & 1:45-6:00pm Airway Management Oral and Maxillo-facial Cancers and Trauma. 6 Workstations
Coordinators: Dr Akhilesh Gupta, Dr Anand Sharma, Dr Bhavna Saxena
Faculty: Dr Anjeleena, Dr Bharti Taneja, Dr Dimple Pangtey, Dr Jaiprakash, Dr Jatin Lal, Dr Jyoti Sharma, Dr Kamakshi Garg, Dr Meenu Agarwal, Dr Munisha Agarwal, Dr Namita Saraswat, Dr Naveen Malhotra, Dr Neerja Banerjee, Dr Neha Hasija, Dr Nidhi Agarwal, Dr Nishkarsh Gupta, Dr Prachi Gaba, Dr Prashant Kumar, Dr Sanjay Johar, Dr Sanjivini Gupta, Dr Satyavir Singhal, Dr Suman Saini. Dr Surendra Kumar, Dr Tarun Yadav
Morning Session (8:30-9:00am)
  • 1. Dr CK Dua
  • 2. Dr Usha Saha
  • 3. Dr MD Kaur
  • 4. Dr Nikki Sabharwal
  • 5. Dr Rajeev Uppal
  • 6. Dr Satyavir Singhal
  • 7. Dr Savita Babbar
  • 8. Dr Seema Thukral
Airway Management for Thoracic Anesthesia.6 Workstations
Coordinators: Dr Neera Gupta Kumar, Dr Raj Sahajanandan, Dr Sangeeta Khanna
Faculty: Dr Anshu Gupta, Dr Akhil Kumar, Dr Ashish Chakravarty, Dr Deepti Saigal, Dr Dheeraj Kapoor, Dr Ekta Gupta, Dr Kapil Chaudhary, Dr Kavita Sharma, Dr Kiranpreet Kaur, Dr Lalit Gupta, Dr Mamta Bhardwaj, Dr M Rupinder Singh, Dr Naveen Shourie, Dr Niti Gulati, Dr Prashant Aggarwal, Dr Rahul Pillai, Dr Rajkumar, Dr Shvet Mahajan, Dr Tarang Jain, Dr Upma Bhatia
Airway Management in ICU. 6 Workstations
Coordinators: Dr Ranju Singh, Dr Saurabh Taneja
Faculty: Dr Aanchal Kakkar, Dr Akhil Agarwal, Dr Anant Shukla, Dr Anupam Shrivastava, Dr Chirag Madaan, Dr Deepti, Dr Garima Agrawal, Dr Kanwalpreet Sandhu, Dr Manish Bharti, Dr Monish Nakra, Dr Nishtha Kachru, Dr Preeti Thakur, Dr Rajender Kumar, Dr Rajesh Meena, Dr Rashmi Jain, Dr Sujata Chaudhary, Dr Sukhyanti Kerai, Dr Tripat Bindra
Afternoon Session (1:45-2:15pm)
  • 1. Dr Anupam Shrivastava
  • 2. Dr Nandita Mehta
  • 3. Dr Rajesh Sood
  • 4. Dr Raman Chatrath
  • 5. Dr Ruchi Gupta
  • 6. Dr SD Sharma
  • 7. Dr SK Sinha
  • 8. Dr Satinder Gombar
  • 9. Dr Harpreet Kaur
USG for Airway Management. 4 Workstations
Coordinators: Dr Aashish Dang, Dr Anil Misra, Dr Divya Jain, Dr Nidhi Bhatia
Faculty: Dr Anju Grewal, Dr Banashree Mandal, Dr Kavita Meena, Dr Komal Gandhi, Dr Lakesh Anand, Dr Manpreet Singh, Dr Nishant Sahay, Dr Nitin, Dr Pramod Gupta, Dr Richa Saroa
  • Tea : 10:15am
  • Lunch : 12:45-1:45pm
  • Tea : 3:45 – 4:00pm
  • Standby faculty:
    Dr Indira Malik, Dr Manoj Bhardwaj, Dr Rakesh Kumar, Dr Rashmi Salhotra,
    Dr Rohit Gupta, Dr Sunil Kumar, Dr Tina Khurana, Dr Vandana Bagga


Day-2, Sunday, February 11, 2018

S. No. Time Session Name Speaker Chair
1 8:15-9:00am Poster Competition (FINAL) Coordination Committee:Dr Bharti Wadhwa, Dr Kapil Chaudhary, Dr Lalit Gupta, Dr Neera Gupta Kumar

Chosen Best 5 Posters

Judges (Final): Dr AR Gogia, Dr Ashok Saxena, Dr Raminder Sehgal, Dr UC Verma

Judges (Online): Dr Anil Verma, Dr Manoj Kamal, Dr Naveen Malhotra, Dr Nishkarsh Gupta, Dr Reema Meena

2 9:00-11:00am Subspecialties Session Moderators:
Demystifying pediatric airway
Dr Ranju Singh
Neonate with airway issues (How I would do it) Dr Poonam Motiani Dr Sonia Wadhawan
Child with airway issues (How I would do it) Dr Nidhi Bhatia
Demystifying obstetric/ parturient airway
Dr Bharti Wadhwa
Parturient with airway issues (How I would do it)
Neuraxial block possible
Neuraxial block not available
Dr Achuthan Sajayan, UK Dr Anju Grewal
Demystifying bariatric airway
Dr Akhilesh Gupta
Morbidly obese
How I would do it – I
Dr Sandip Chopra Dr Neerja Banerjee
Morbidly obese
How I would do it – II
Dr Dhirja Sharma
Tea 11:00-11:30am
S. No. Time Session Name Speaker Chair
3 11:30-12:15pm Panel Discussion:“Airway Guidelines and their medico legal implications”

Panelists: Dr Ravinder Batra, Dr SM Sharma, Dr Subramanyan Radhakrishna (UK), Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Dr Vinod Kalla

Moderators: Dr Rakesh Kumar, Dr Sunil Kumar

4 12:15-12:45pm Dr Chandy Verghese-AMF Oration

Speaker: Dr Subramanyan Radhakrishna (UK)

Chair: Dr Deepak Malviya, Dr Umesh Bhadani

5 12:45-1:45pm Troubleshooting Airway Devices & Procedures




Dr Achuthan Sajayan, Dr Bimla Sharma

Dr Neera Gupta Kumar


Dr Anil Misra, Dr Patrick Schoettker (Switzerland)

Dr Divya Jain

Videoendoscopy (Fiberscopy)

Dr KK Girdhar, Dr Satinder Gombar

Dr Manoj Bhardwaj

Lunch 1:45-2:45pm
S. No. Time Session Name Speaker Chair
6 2:45-3:45pm Miscellany



Airway Management in 2018 – 1+1=3

Dr Patrick Schoettker, Switzerland

Dr Harsh Sapra, Dr Madhu Gupta, Dr Veena Chatrath

Making the Emergence Safer in Difficult Airway Situations by Judicious Use of Modern Inhalational Agents and Supraglottic Airway Devices (SADs)

Dr Girish Joshi, USA

7 3:45-5:00pm On-the-spot Case Discussion (Anticipated, Unanticipated) with Audience Participation


  • 1. Dr Achuthan Sajayan
  • 2. Dr Anil Verma
  • 3. Dr Anju Bhalotra
  • 4. Dr Girish Joshi
  • 5. Dr Monish Nakra
  • 6. Dr Munisha Agarwal
  • 7. Dr Nandita Mehta
  • 8. Dr Nidhi Agarwal
  • 9. Dr Patrick Schoettker
  • 10. Dr Prashant Kumar
  • 11. Dr Raj Sahajanandan
  • 12. Dr Ravi Kant Sharma
  • 13. Dr Sangeeta Khanna
  • 14. Dr Subramanyan Radhakrishna
  • 15. Dr Sunil Kumar

Moderators:Dr Anil Misra, Dr Neera Gupta Kumar, Dr Rakesh Kumar

Wrap up & Tea 5:00pm

Eligibility criteria
  • The presenting author should be a registered delegate.
  • The E-Poster awards will be given to the presenting author only.
  • The poster submitted for the competition should not contain either the Institution / hospital affiliation or the author`s names in the title. This will lead to automatic rejection of the poster.
  • Another copy of the poster containing the Institution / hospital affiliation , author`s names and photograph of the presenting author is to be submitted along with the above poster which shall be later displayed on the official website of AMF(
Guidelines for E- poster
  • The poster must be designed to appear within one page.
  • You are welcome to use images and tables in your presentation
  • Kindly do not insert or embed any videos or audio in your presentation
  • Kindly limit your references to less than 5
  • The file size should not exceed 1MB
  • Kindly be careful to respect copyright and personal anonymity with your images or photos

Kindly submit your e-poster at airway.amf@gmail.comas an attachment

  • The deadline for E-Poster Submission is 23:59Hrs on Monday, January 15, 2018.
  • All submissions received by January 15, 2018 are final. No changes will be permitted once the poster is submitted. Unique Evaluation Criteria:

All the submitted E-posters (without the Institution / hospital affiliation or the author`s names) shall be displayed on the AMF website from Tuesday 16th January 2018. Apart from the selected panel of judges, all delegates of Airway2018 will also be invited to evaluate the posters on the basis of originality of content, presentation, discussion and take home message. While 50% of the marks will be granted by the judges, the rest 50% will be from the delegate`s evaluation. The delegates are requested to mail their assessment positively by 31st


The top five posters will be selected for podium presentation and the result shall be displayed on the website by 03.02.18

Podium presentation: (For the top 5 posters)
  • If your e-poster is selected, Kindly prepare and pre-train for a presentation containing no more than 6 slides.
  • You will be given about 5minutes to present your poster and 2minutes for questions and answers

Decision of the coordination committee and judges will be final.

Airway Congress, Feb 10-11, 2018 (Specialized Workshops; CME)
Till 31-01-2018
Depending upon availability of workshop
Specialized Workshop -1 Specialized Workshop -2 CME
Non-Member ₹ 2000 ₹ 2000 ₹ 2500
*AMF Member ₹ 1700 ₹ 1700 ₹ 2125
(01-02-2018 onwards)
*AMF Member ₹ 2400

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