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The Airway Management Foundation (AMF) originates from the seed sown back in 2003 and nurtured through a free and two-way exchange between experts and participants on regular basis. It now boasts of a large pool of Airway Skill Instructors who ensure uniformity of approach to understanding and sharing of information and skills through consensus.


Airway Congress-2018

New Delhi

February 10-11, 2018 Read More


Airway Management Foundation (AMF) aims to become a melting pot of expert understanding and skills of all Airway Managers including Anesthesiologists, Pulmonologists, Intensivists, Emergency Physicians and Life Support Providers so as to establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) and protocols for airway management from the most fundamental level to progressively more complex situations.


AMF aims to make the study of Airway management Interesting, User Friendly and Uniform. It intends to collect the expertise and skills of all the groups of Airway Managers as a potent combination to evolve strategies to safely negotiate all issues related to Airway Management. AMF wants to spread the belief that- 'Nothing is Difficult Once You Have Learned How to Do It!'

AMF also looks forward actively to receiving credible inputs and invites exchanges and debates on this dynamic issue and expects to update/upgrade the protocols continuously. It hopes that all who wish to associate with its activities benefit from the combined strength of all the contributors and that they discover that the dread of taking responsibility of managing a patient's airway is reduced to negligible through better understanding, better planning and better skills of Airway Management.

Welcome aboard AMF for a peaceful flight through the Airway!